Landscape Architecture

Colgate University Case Library

Project Profile


Colgate University


approx. $5,000,000


Hamilton, New York

Klepper, Hahn & Hyatt performed the Landscape Architectural and Engineering Services for the Case Library project at Colgate University. This was a phased project, wherein College Street and major utilities had to be relocated to allow for the new building addition to be constructed. The phases extended through the final design of the stairway, plazas, and landscaping.

The site design involved a portion of the library addition to be constructed into the hillside. Challenges to constructing into the hillside included the need for a temporary shoring system, de-watering system, and erosion control measure during construction. KHH worked closely with the geotechnical engineer to develop detailed drawings which included grading and drainage plans, a shoring system, erosion control plans, construction phase drawings, and site restoration plans. KHH was actively involved during construction, by attending weekly project meetings, making on-site visits, and reviewing and approval of the contractor’s payment applications.



Envelope Systems

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