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A multidisciplinary design firm, Klepper, Hahn & Hyatt is comprised of exceptionally skilled architects and engineers whose years of experience are reflected in our work, our expertise, and our core philosophies about the built and natural environment.

Onondaga County Courthouse


  • We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of contemporary and historical construction systems for buildings, sites, and other structures in our 70-year history.
  • We have more than 10,000 projects in our database, historic references, and hundreds of cumulative years of experience. We may not have “seen it all” — but it’s quite likely we have familiarity with even the most unusual systems that you might encounter on your project.
Alan working with 3D printer

Our Staff

  • We care about maintaining your trust. Our long-term clients have realized that we stand behind our work and value our relationships with them and throughout the design and construction community.
  • We practice full compliance with all applicable codes and have a good working knowledge of what codes and standards apply to a facility, project, or situation. This may sound basic, but awareness and implementation of codes by other design professionals is not as prevalent as it should be.

Meet the Principals and Our Team 

Golisano Children's Hospital


  • The cheapest price for professional services frequently does not lead to the best and most cost-effective result. Neither engineering nor landscape architecture is a commodity. Some solutions that may perform better, or have lower construction or operational cost, require greater professional effort.

ACI Awards


  • We see ourselves as consultants, not strictly structural engineers, landscape architects, or building envelope professionals. We work for the overall success of our projects. That means working above and beyond with architects and other team members to, for example, avoid problematic thermal bridging details, ensure accessibility, and overcome drainage challenges, rather than practicing “siloing” and keeping to a narrow definition of our services. The measure of success is for the overall project, not simply our role in it.
  • We are aware of the concern of embodied and operational carbon which is a by-product of the built environment — a value that is gaining momentum across our industry. If quantifying and/or reducing carbon emissions is a requirement of you, your project, or your client, we have tools and the know-how that can help achieve your goals.



Envelope Systems

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