Landscape Architecture

Catskill Watershed Corporation Headquarters

Project Profile


Catskill Watershed Corporation Headquarters


Arkville, New York

As part of the Catskill Watershed Corporation’s newly constructed Headquarters in Arkville, NY, KHH was engaged by the project’s architect, Keystone Associates to provide the site with a themed entry into the Water Discovery Center auditorium.

As the landscape architect, KHH was able to accomplish an artistic expression of the Catskill Watershed Corporation’s purpose. This was accomplished through a naturalistic rock face spilling forth water onto colored glass pebbles below. The pebbled riverbed meanders through the area to the main sidewalk approach, symbolizing the journey of the waters of the Catskill Mountains to the reservoirs of New York City. This is further enhanced by the sculptures of the commissioned artist James Seaman that highlight the interaction of wildlife in the Catskill region.

These elements come together to create an eye-catching space that invites the public to interact, learn, and have a deeper understanding of the Catskill Mountains and the symbiotic nature of our valued water resources and their natural environment.

Photography by David R. Miller



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