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Building Envelope Systems

In 2004, KHH added building envelope systems to the firm’s primary disciplines. Our specialists strive to provide durable and economic design and consulting services while maximizing the energy performance of building envelopes. Much of this work includes masonry detailing and building façade assessment and rehabilitation. Our staff’s expertise in both contemporary and historic facades allows us to update the envelope systems of any façade while also remaining sensitive to the structure’s nature and style.

Scope of Services

Masonry Façades

KHH performs condition assessments on facades to identify problems such as cracking, bulging, and deterioration. We also review support elements including lintels, flashing, water management, and control joint performance. After review, we develop rehabilitation solutions to increase envelope performance and ensure façade durability. We strive to uncover the root of deterioration so that its cause can be addressed rather than its symptoms.

Our knowledge and understanding of contemporary and historic façades and their systems allow us to address issues in a way that supports the specific façade structure. Since historic and contemporary façade systems function differently, this understanding is imperative in finding rehabilitation solutions that complement and support the structure’s original intent and provide long-term solutions to deterioration.

Envelope Performance Consulting

Our multi-disciplined background allows us to approach envelope performance from several angles Rather than solely focusing on energy loss and durability. For instance, all envelopes require structural support and anchorage. To achieve a high level of functionality, our specialists will provide expert consultations and recommendations on the envelope’s structural and energy conditions.

Additional services include:

  • Collaboration with architects to develop roof and wall details that maximize envelope performance.
  • Assistance with compliance with the New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code.
  • Specific detailing to minimize energy loss caused by thermal bridging through roof angles, façade support elements, cold-formed steel studs, canopies, balconies, and other elements.
  • Foundation insulation system design and detailing well as under-slab and slab edge insulation.
  • Infrared imaging to identify areas of energy loss that can be addressed.
  • Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) services to meet LEED requirements and/or provide greater assurance of the adequate performance of the envelope.

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