Building Envelope Systems

Crouse CollegeKHH specializes in specific services for building envelope systems. We have experienced staff who will assist our clients in meeting their challenges to provide solutions for durability and long-term economy. Our expertise includes the following:

  • Contemporary Masonry Facades
  • Historic Masonry Facades
  • Envelope Performance Consulting.

Scope of Services

Contemporary Masonry Façades

Our services include condition assessments of facades, and identification of problems such as cracking, bulging, and deterioration. We also review support elements such as lintels, control joint performance and adequacy, flashing, and water management issues. These facades are typically "cavity wall" systems. Following a review, we can develop rehabilitation solutions based on addressing the identified problems to ensure a facade's durability. 

Historic Masonry Façades

Historic buildings, usually 100 years old or older, are typically "mass wall" construction. These facades function differently and were made of materials no longer used in contemporary buildings. Facade durability can be undermined by well-intended, yet inappropriate, use of modern methods and materials. By understanding how a "mass wall" functions, our rehabilitation schemes complement and remain true to the original intent, providing long-term solutions to deterioration. Our services include condition assessment, material analysis, and finding the root cause of deterioration, not merely addressing the symptoms.

Envelope Performance Consulting

All envelopes require structural support and anchorage. This function cannot be separated from all the other performance aspects such as minimal energy loss and durability. Our structure-first approach allows us to work with the rest of the design team to help address all required aspects of envelope systems. Services include:

  • Collaboration with architects to develop roof and wall details that maximize performance
  • Assistance with compliance with the NYS Energy Conservation Construction Code
  • Specific detailing to minimize energy loss caused by thermal bridging through roof angles, façade support elements, cold-formed steel studs, canopies and balconies, and other elements
  • Design and detailing of foundation insulation systems, as well as under-slab and slab edge insulation
  • Infrared imaging, both of existing buildings and as part of the closeout of new work, to identify areas of energy loss that can be addressed
  • Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) services, whether to meet LEED requirements or simply to provide greater assurance of the adequate performance of the envelope.

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