Landscape Architecture

SUNY Upstate Medical University Cancer Center Rain Garden

Project Profile


SUNY Upstate Medical University


Syracuse, New York

Klepper, Hahn & Hyatt was the Landscape Architect for the SUNY Upstate Medical University Clinical Cancer Center. Site components for the project included pedestrian and vehicular circulation, storm water management, and planting design.

One distinctive site element is the rain garden located at the main entrance to the facility. The rain garden was designed to be a visual focal point both for those arriving at the hospital and for patients, family, and staff from hospital rooms above. It mimics the natural appearance of a cobble stream bed, lined with boulder outcrops and dressed with a variety of wet-tolerant and native plants.

The rain garden helps to mitigate storm water runoff. Runoff is piped from the building and pedestrian canopies into the rain garden, and also flows across the surface from the surrounding paved vehicular entry. Storm water then temporarily ponds in the stone basin and either infiltrates into the ground or slowly discharges into an overflow storm pipe. The rain garden was designed in conjunction with the City of Syracuse and the “Save the Rain” program. KHH worked closely with the contractor to ensure the appearance and functionality of the design.



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