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Penn Yan Public Library  Site Improvements

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Penn Yan Public Library


Penn Yan, NY

Historic Penn Yan Public Library is a period-style Carnegie Library with a contemporary addition to the rear of the main building. The addition serves as the main entrance to the library to reduce the wear on the older structure.

KHH was asked to design parking lot improvements, an accessible building entrance, and an associated sidewalk system. Various elements were incorporated into the design to promote connectivity between the historic library and the surrounding community.

The site program entailed an activity area located adjacent to the library at Main Street and separate from the rear parking lot area. This space included an outdoor reading and gathering area, complete with a habitat garden and a gazebo that complements the Carnegie Library.

In contrast is a whimsical, library-themed bike rack painted in purple, yellow, and gold. Created to resemble various-sized books faced out on a shelf, each “book cover” illustrates a large cut-out, uppercase letter that spells out PENN YAN.

The incorporation of an identity sign required various approvals from the Village of Penn Yan Historic Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

At the rear of the library property, the existing parking lot was reconfigured and received much-needed improvements that incorporated better stormwater management measures and a traditional horse and buggy shed to facilitate local community members’ needs.

The rear main building entrance was improved and brought up to current co-compliance standards.

All told, these site improvements created a highly active community space for the public outside this local and much-loved place of learning.



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