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National Grid Syracuse Office Complex “A” Building Envelope Restoration

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National Grid




Syracuse, New York

The exuberant design of the NiMo Building has earned it national recognition as an outstanding example of the Art Deco style. Klepper, Hahn & Hyatt conducted a study which showed that the facade and exterior structure appeared to be in good condition, but a number of items required remediation for safety, structural integrity, aesthetics, and preservation of an important edifice.

The NiMo Building is notable architecturally for its innovative design and massing, inventive use of materials such as cast stone, terra cotta, aluminum cladding, Vitrolite, molded glass, stainless steel (called CN or chrome nickel steel) and neon/helium exterior lighting, plus its overall futuristic appearance. It was planned as both an office building and a showroom and promotion center for electric power.

Among the remediation items undertaken by the KHH team was the replacement of a majority of the roofs. There are 20 separate roofed areas comprising a total of approximately 20,000 square feet.

For the facade restoration, the list of priority items included: replacing deteriorated cast stone elements; removal and replacement of coping stones to allow installation of proper flashings; repairing deteriorated sections of parapet walls; and removing all caulking, sealants, and older repair materials which prevented moisture from escaping from the walls. National Grid also elected to replace all the windows with historic replications to provide more energy efficient units as well as restore the original appearance of the building.



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